(original by Flikkerlicht. I like my versions best ;) )

Don’t edit people’s art to ad sexist bullshit into them you sack of trash.

Tumblr feminism everyone. 

Now you see why I’m annoyed all the time? 

They harp about stealing people art then do it when someone say something don’t like

someone take this down please

what a dick

~the black one

takes someone art, adds bullshit propaganda to it, then gets butthurt when they are getting called out on it. that is really cute.

I really don’t understand this way of thinking,how is it positive for anyone involved? Even if its this like “we use this to vent our frustrations” it doesn’t make sense to me. The only thing I can see this accomplishing is alienating people who might otherwise be sympathetic to the issues LGBT people face. It saddens me if this is what other LGBT people think is acceptable, because it isn’t. As a gay person I will never stand behind this negative counter-productive way of approaching social issues.